Jolnar qualifies for the Gigafinals!

Congratulations to Jolnar who recently managed to qualify for the Gigafinals in the prestigious UK Chess Challenge held in the UK each year. She got through the first qualifying stage at her school with an impressive 21 points (you need 17 points to automatically qualify or the highest score in your age group).  The second stage, the Megafinals, was held among other places in Surrey and Jolnar managed to get 1st place in the U11’s section, which is a fantastic result and earned her a trophy and thus she qualified for the next stage. We wish her the best of luck!

Her younger sister Lamar also took part and managed to qualify for the U8’s section at her school. In the Megafinals she ended up on a respectable 3rd place and earned a bronze medal. Well done to both Jolnar and Lamar for their incredible effort.

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