U7 Gigafinal

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to George Clarkson who just won the U7 Gigafinal!!!
Here are a few words from George himself about his journey so far:

I first learnt chess when I was five and three quarters and was surprised to come second in my first tournament before I turned six.   I love to play (too) fast and to attack my opponents.  I  especially like it when I spot a clever sacrifice to get checkmate.  John Paul tries to make me slow down and think carefully at my school chess club and I also go to Rookies and chess camps when I have time (I love tennis and cricket too!).  It’s beginning to work and I am making fewer blunders now!  I have won the chess camp a few times, and have also started to win some national tournaments, such as winning the U7 boys Gigafinal in the UK Chess Challenge in Reading (pictured).  It was a huge event with some 460 young chess players having qualified from county Megafinals taking part.  I scored 6/6 and won this trophy and £100!


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