Autumn half-term Camp week 2

Week 2: October 26th-29th


by coach Evelina

This week’s camp welcomed a large group of children and the kids were not only energetic and passionate about chess but they also exhibited top-class sportsmanship. Focused and friendly, they kept their smiles on both in front of a chessboard and once the match was over. Whatever the title was – the chess genius, the fastest Fish-and-chips runner, the best pictionary artist, or the cleverest wink-murderer – not once did competition spoil the morale of the group. It was a joy to teach at this chess camp.

by coach Domenico

The tournament in Pimlico was as exciting as ever. The average level of kids was higher than usual and two play-offs were needed on the last day to establish first, second and third place. The group was often split in two during lessons. Harder puzzles for the older kids and extra help for the youngest ones with more basic puzzles. Kids were happy to challenge the coaches too since some of them were able to give us a good game indeed.
They were also big fans of fish and chips game, a race challenge we played in the park, often coming back breathless to the venue.

1st – Leon
2nd – George
3rd – Ethan
Best sport – Arnold
Most improved – Merrill