Autumn half-term Camp week 2

Swiss Cottage

by coach Ryan

The second week of camp was a very competitive tournament with some strong rivalries from previous weeks carrying over to this week. The skill level between the kids was also diminished as a 2 man race from the first week became a 4/5 person race till the end with a play off having to be played out to decide 2nd and 3rd place. All kids had great tournament games and having learnt to notate during the week they happily have a reminder of some of their great moves.

1st Geo
2nd Gabriel
3rd Ethan
Most improved – Bianca
Best sportsmanship – Avika

by coach Dionysios

I really enjoyed watching the progress of the kids throughout the week both in terms of chess level but also developing sportsmanship skills.
One has to do with a game between Edward and Harrison. Edward was first in the tournament at this point and along with Geo, he is one of the best players of the tournament. Harrison on the other hand is a beginner. So I was surprised that their game was the last to finish. So I realized that Edward was teaching Harrison during the whole game. It was a very sweet moment.

I also invented “chessical chairs” and is exactly like musical chairs but instead of music kids are clapping and dancing around the chairs and when we say checkmate they had to find a chair.