Autumn half-term Camp week 1

Week 1: October 19th-22nd

Swiss Cottage

By coach Clara

We had an amazing first week at chess camp this half-term with a nice group of 15 kids who were very passionate and excited.
We did many different activities throughout the week such as obstacle course, puzzle rush, playing with clocks and fun activities like joke time, chess hangman and chess drawings.
Coach Dionysios taught the children a lot about check mates this week.
In our break we enjoyed playing football, Simon says, grandma and fish & chips.

We ran a friendly tournament during the week and here are the results:
1st – Geo
2nd – Gabriel
3rd – Gaspard

First and second place ended up on the same score so they had to do a play-off, which Geo ended up winning. But I wanted to mention that Gabriel performed amazingly this week.
We also gave out medals for most improved and best sportsmanship.

All the rest of the kids did very well too. We were so happy to meet all of them and hope to see them soon in our Christmas Camp.

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