Christmas Chess Camp week 1

Week 1: December 14th-17th


1st place – Oliver
2nd place – Merrill
Most improved – Theo

Swiss Cottage

by coach Cameron

The first week of our Christmas Camp saw Geo, a member of our elite squad, play with consistent strength to take first place. It was very special to see his emerging friendship with Ethan, the youngest kid at only five years old, who demonstrated a knowledge and ability well beyond his age to clinch second place. Their friendship typified the amiable atmosphere of the camp, with lots of friendly jokes and fun games at breaktime. Aside from Ethan and Geo, we had a number of beginners who all progressed rapidly during the week, Giorgia getting a well-deserved medal for most improved. The general kindness made my first time as Head Coach very enjoyable, and I can’t wait to do it again!