Easter Camp week 1


by coach Domenico

1st place: Richard
Best sportsmanship: Amber

Chess camp this week saw kids from a wider age range and yet an average very good level. A talented 6 years old won the trophy. The experience in general was quite high, but there were also beginners who picked up the basic very quickly. The kids were instructed and proved to master all sort of skills from basic tactics, forks, skewers, discover checks, pins, mate patterns and check mate with two bishops and lonely major pieces such as rooks and queen. We also discussed many other principles and the kids were particularly keen on trying to answer at best each time. We also played a variety of outdoors games such as football, races and even detective vs murderer. Last but no least, the sportsmanship level was very high this week, not a single loss was resented by anyone.

Richard played very well and beat everyone except Alexander, to whom he lost twice. In fact, over the tournament, the two of them had to play five games including two more playoffs by the end in order to establish the winner, and Richard came out victorious after beating him 3-2 in total. Thead to head in the end was very exciting as a matter of fact.

Amber was the one to win the medal for best sport person but it was hard not to reward more people with the same price. She was, anyway, the best in accepting her losses and acting as respectful as possible towards everyone at all times. We also rewarded her for being the one that took more time than anyone else at playing her moves, which she was committed towards accuracy, in fact she did very well even though she had way less experience than many others.

Richard plays like the principles command. He develops pieces and even does the great thing that consists of sacrificing pawns for positional play and always looks at checks before caring about material, which is what strong players do. His maturity for his age is unbelievable, he has a great future ahead. His sportsmanship is also great. He acts very mature, resigns when it’s time to resign and takes care of consolidating his win when he’s winning

by coach Gabriele

This week’s chess camp was fun for both the kids and us. There was quite a big skill and age gap between them, but this almost hasn’t affected their sociability, as we saw the oldest kids interact with the little ones not only during the games but when they played in the park as well. Also, funnily enough, it was Richard, one of the two youngest kids, to win the tournament, showing staggering chess ability for his age, thanks to his great memory and pattern recognition skills. As for my experience, i had the chance to teach new topics to the kids, like skewers and stalemate, which improved my confidence on the teaching aspect of the job. All the kids were very well mannered, especially Amber, who won the best sportsmanship award.