Elite & Talent Squads (Sundays)

Wallace Chess launched the Elite and Talent Squad program in September of 2015.
We run our Talent Squads in Swiss Cottage and South Kensington and our Elite Squad in Swiss Cottage.

The squads are for invitees only. You can also contact us to apply for a place for your child.

The Elite Squad & the Talent Squad are being coached by Ryan & Eric (elite), Andres & Hansal (talent Swiss Cottage) and Domenico & Luca (talent South Kensington). Coaches and students meet a few times a month for coaching and travel together to tournaments. The ultimate goal is for children to reach their competitive potential – which for some will mean representing the UK and competing in the European and World Championships!!

Contact us for more information.

Our coaches travel to tournaments with the Elite & Talent squad members to give them support and help analyzing games in between rounds.