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Private Coaching -

Private Coaching

John-Paul Wallace

John-Paul Wallace
John-Paul Wallace

We have a number of amazing coaches who offer private tuition; there will be one to suit your needs! Below is a list of all coaches and just some of their accolades. If you would like to book in with a coach or enquire about pricing please contact us.

John-Paul Wallace:


  • 2003 – Australian Champion
  • 1995 – Awarded title of International Master
  • 1994 – Australian Champion at record breaking age of 17

Tibor Jones

Tibor Jones:

  • Tibor is a very strong chess player who has a huge passion for chess and he thoroughly enjoys teaching children of all ages.

Nima Chatrizeh

Nima Chatrizeh:

  • Nima is a popular coach who has got a lot of experience with playing and teaching chess and is great with children and he has studied child psychology at university.

Apostolos Stamatopoulos

Apostolos Stamatopoulos:

Ernest Ignatovic

Ernest Ignatovic:

Ryan Shankar

Ryan Shankar:

Domenico Napolitano

Domenico Napolitano:

Evelina Engelaityte

Evelina Engelaityte: