Summer Chess Camp week 1


The first week of Summer Chess Camp in Pimlico was a joyous bubble of normality: you could see that the children were excited to spend time with each other playing chess, making jokes, and unwinding with lunchtime football. Besides, the atmosphere was amazing! Despite being eager to do their best, all kids met their wins and losses with grace and maturity, as rising chess stars should!
Coach Evelina

This week there were ten players participating in the tournament. Kaito started off by winning every game and was soon in the lead. All the other kids followed suit and it became a close race. They all won, drew and lost, so it became very exciting up until the last three games when first, second and third place became clear. Edison managed to come third with a great performance. Ella (6) showed off her wide chess knowledge, from opening names to theory and the history of chess. She ended up in second place, only losing to Kaito. Eventually Kaito won all his games with his aggressive style and great commitment. We were happy to give him his deserved trophy, as he has declared he had wanted it for so many years.
Coach Domenico

Swiss Cottage

At the Summer Chess Camp week 1 neither the coaches nor the kids let the necessary extra cleaning / caution ruin their week, as everyone had a great time and some brilliant chess was played! Nima gave great lessons on tactics like pins and forks, and also there was an emphasis placed on having fun, as lots of time was spent playing chess mini games. The children found the visors that the coaches had to wear hilarious, and so in a way they didn’t really detract at all.
Coach Joel

Jonathan played his games patiently, but nearly threw it all away in his last game, where he went down a knight early, only to recover and checkmate his opponent to claim first place.
Coach Nima