Summer half-term camp

Our summer half-term chess camp was back with a bang and we had so much fun with everyone. A huge congratulations to all of our students who participated and well done to those who won an award.

by coach Domenico

Chess Camp in Pimlico this June saw three lovely warm days and a rainy one. Kids enjoyed slightly longer breaks in the park because of it, played several activities and learnt a lot. Some who started from scratch managed to become able to start and end a game, even proving to have achieved a basic understanding of several check mate patterns. Some were more experienced and worked on slightly harder puzzles and on consolidating basic principles. The tournament was very exciting, with a few decisive games in the end to establish the top. Congratulations to Amber for winning her first trophy and to everyone else for trying hard!

Swiss Cottage

by coach Evelina

This camp focused on building the foundational knowledge of chess, with most kids having their very first go at the game. Starting with moving the pieces and opening the game, learning a middlegame tactic – a skewer – and topping off with an emphasis on check and checkmate, we laid the bricks of our foundation. However, it wasn’t all about the arduous building work. This week’s lovely weather allowed the children to enjoy longer breaks outside, running around chasing each other (or the coaches!), until, breathless, a little subdued, yet equally eager and cheerful, they would settle in for the second part of the day at the camp. Always trying their best and keeping a positive and friendly attitude, this group made me feel lucky to have taught them as a first-time head coach at a camp.

Swiss Cottage Elite Camp

by coach Eric

This week was my first time leading a Wallace Chess Camp and also the first time we had run an elite camp. I was truly blown away by the high quality of play in the tournament and the enthusiastic attitude to learning they had- a perfect example of this was Gabriel remembering and managing to play the queen sacrifice line I had shown the class during his last tournament match! I was also particularly impressed by Antonin’s calm demeanour over the board and the class’ overall atmosphere that made it an amazing one to teach!