Holiday Chess Camps

Choose from the following venues in London

Swiss Cottage
Swiss Cottage Community Centre
19 Winchester Road
London NW3 3NR
St Mary Abbots Centre
Vicarage Gate
London W8 4HN

2024 Camps

  • February 12-15
  • Week 1: March 25-28
  • Week 2: April 2-5 (Tues-Fri)
  • Week 3: April 8-11
  • May 28-31 (Tues-Fri)
  • Week 1: July 8-11
  • Week 2: July 15-18
  • Week 3: July 22-25
  • Week 4: August 12-15
  • Week 5: August 19-22
  • Week 6: August 27-30 (Tues-Fri)
  • Week 1: October 21-24
  • Week 2: October 28-31
  • December 16-19

Chess camps in London!

Unique to Wallace Chess are our extremely popular holiday chess camps
which we run throughout the year. We welcome children aged 4-16,
from complete beginners, intermediate to advanced players.

We now offer both full and half days of camp:
Full day 9am-4pm
Half day 9am-1pm


Our camps run from Monday to Thursday

(except bank holidays, then we run Tuesday-Friday)
of all school holidays.
They have proved to be an extremely fun week of chess
that enables children’s learning of the game immensely.

During the morning session from 9am-1pm we run a friendly tournament throughout the week and in between rounds the children will solve chess puzzles, listen to short lectures, learn about end games, strategies and tactics, learn how to play with chess clocks and how to notate etc. We will have a lunch break at 11am (please bring a packed lunch and a bottle of water, and if you are staying for the full day bring an additional snack for the afternoon break). 

In the afternoon session from 1-4pm we will do chess arts & crafts, read chess stories, play fun games like bomb chess, hand & brain etc. Then we will take a nice break outdoors (weather permitting) to have a snack, play and burn off some steam. 

The camps are not solely about chess as we encourage activities for children to make new friends and learn what it means to be a good sportsman; something we encourage them to use in all aspects of life.

The final day of camp ends with an award ceremony for the winners of the tournament held over the week, as well as awards for best sportsman and most improved.

In 2014 we started the yearly award- The Perpetual Chess Trophy- to the child who has won most camp tournaments, the more camps you attend the higher chance you have of winning it!

Wallace Chess Grand Prix

The winner of 2023:

Previous winners:
2021/2022 – Arjun
2020/2021 – Geo
2019/2020 – Edison
2018/2019 – Jonathan
2017/2018 – Emilio
2016/2017 – Emilio
2015/2016 – Aran
2014/2015 – Alex

The Wallace Chess Grand Prix started in 2014

How it works:

Every time you play one of our holiday camps – full week attendance required – and make it into one of the top 10 places you receive Grand Prix points. 10 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 10th place. At the end of the year the player with the most points wins.


What do you win?

Along with the honor and the glory the Winner receives a fine trophy to keep, as well as having his or her name engraved on this ultra special solid silver perpetual Trophy!