Elite & Junior Squads

Our premier coaching program started in September of 2015 and is especially designed for children that are talented at chess and/or are the strongest player in their school and or year group.

This is an invite-only club. Members meet several times during term-time to get coached by some of our strongest coaches and they also travel together to tournaments. At the moment the squads are held in two locations; Swiss Cottage and Kensington. The Junior Squad runs on Saturdays for 2 hours, while Elite run on Sundays for 4 hours.

Elite Squad
Kings & Rooks

Wallace Chess launched the Elite Squad program in September of 2015.

The squads are for invitees only. You can also contact us to apply for a place for your child.

Coaches and students meet a few times a month for coaching and travel together to tournaments.

The ultimate goal is for children to reach their competitive potential – which for some will mean representing the UK and competing in the European and World Championships!

Junior Squad
Bishops & KNights

Our Junior Squad started up in January of 2019 and is our newest addition of clubs for talented children. This squad trains together for 2 hours on Saturdays.