School Chess Clubs

Breakfast, Lunchtime, Afterschool Chess Clubs
Curriculum Chess!

Students will learn strategy and compete in tournament games.

If you are looking for a chess coaching company that you can rely on
then Wallace Chess would be delighted to put chess on the map at your school!

• 15 years of experience teaching school chess clubs in London

• 5 students representing their country

• Many victories in school team tournaments

• We organise in-house and inter-school events

The benefits to the School

– Wallace Chess has a tremendous amount of experience
– you will be able to rely on our service which gives you peace of mind
– we will work with you to establish a successful club that will last for years into the future
– we can even teach chess as part of your curriculum

The benefits to the Students

– chess improves concentration, it develops creativity and strategic thinking and it also teaches responsibility
– our coaches will instil a sense of Sportsmanship in the students
– victories in tournaments! Wallace Chess has a great track record of individual and team tournament victories which makes an after school chess club with us even more exciting for the students!

We would be delighted to have the opportunity to visit your school for an interview
and we can also organise a free taster session.