Lichess is a free and open-source Internet chess server run by a non-profit organization of the same name. Users of the site can play online chess anonymously and optionally register an account to to play rated games.

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Chess Squad Academy

For anyone who wants to enjoy more chess online we recommend subscribing to Chess Squad Academy ( The cost is £22 per year and this will give students access to a number of great online chess activities, games and even online tournaments. was developed by our partners in Australia - Sydney Academy of Chess.



The English Chess Federation is the governing chess organisation in England and it is affiliated to FIDE. The ECF was formed in 2004 as one of the more localised successors to the British Chess Federation, an organisation founded in 1904.

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UK Chess Challenge

The UK Chess Challenge is an annual four-stage chess competition for school-age children from the United Kingdom. Michael Basman is credited with creating the original challenge back in 1996 and is still closely connected with the competition. Longson is former British Ladies Chess Champion and represents England at Olympiads.

Over 40,000 children play in the competition at the school stage and the eventual winner wins £2,000 and is crowned as UK Schools' Chess Challenge Champion.

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